VegaSport Recovery Accelerator Review

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator product review

How do you recover from a long workout? While I’d prefer to recover with a day at the spa, getting a full-body massage, most days my recovery involves a glass of chocolate milk, followed by lots of stretching and foam rolling. I’ve read a lot of research on the effects of chocolate milk post-workout, but had always wondered if there might be something better out there.

So when I saw that Fit Approach/Sweatpink was offering the chance to try a new plant-based recovery accelerator, I was eager to try it. The product is simple – stir a packet of the powder into a 12-oz glass of cold water, then drink.

I sampled the tropical flavor of the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator, which I found to be similar to the orange flavor of Gatorade – nothing special, but nothing offensive either. The Vega product had a much less chemical taste than Gatorade, though, thanks to its plant-based ingredients. It took some vigorous stirring to get the powder to dissolve, but eventually it did and I was left with a very tangerine-colored drink.

Chocolate milk is usually my recovery drink of choice – I use whole milk and whichever chocolate flavor we have in the house, either chocolate syrup or sometimes Nestle’s Quik if that’s all I can find. The milk goes down easily and leaves me feeling full until lunchtime.

I’ve used the Vega recovery drink after several workouts now, and there is a difference in my muscle soreness after drinking the product. I’m not as sore as I usually am after a hard training run, and my legs feel much more recovered than before.

Disclosure: I was given samples of the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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