The Last Year for S’mores


You know I love Girl Scout cookies!! Give me those Thin Mints, Lemonades and Caramel deLites! I can eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one setting you know.  I also like the S’more cookie that came out a few years ago but now I just heard that they are going away after this year. What???? Why are the cookie gods aligning against me???

The S’mores are such a great cookie – especially with coffee. You know, I heard about this trick whereby you bite off the diagonal corners of the cookie and then slurp some coffee through it. It tastes amazing! You can’t do it for too long though because the hot coffee will definitely start to melt the chocolate coating.

And then there is the S’mores milkshake. Grab your blender, pour in a little milk and then add some chocolate ice cream and some S’mores cookies. It’s so much chocolaty goodness that you’ll be on a food high for at least two days!

Last chance banner for S'more cookie

So, I need you to do what I’m going to do. Run out find a Girl Scout and make sure you get a good supply of S’mores to last you through these upcoming dark days.

There is a silver lining in all this though. There will be a new Girl Scout cookie next year. Wonder what it will be? I’m betting on a fruit-flavored cookie. It’s been a while since they got rid of the Cranberry Crisp after all.

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