In Training

Brooks running shoes

These running shoes and I are going to be very well acquainted this year.

It’s official (sort of) — I am training to run a marathon. Well, a half marathon. Thirteen-point-one miles. I haven’t actually put in the paperwork yet, but I’ve mentally committed myself to running the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I’ve found a training program to get me from my current not-quite-two-miles-a-session running regime to actually being able to run 13.1. OK, so maybe some of that will end up being walked — as long as I don’t get swept I’ll be happy!

The coolest thing about this race? It’s international — both the half marathon and marathon include routes that cross over to Windsor and back via the Ambassador Bridge and Windsor Tunnel, which means I’ll need to find somewhere on my person to keep my passport. Hmm…

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