Half Marathon Training and Running in the Rain

Running in the rainSpring is not my favorite season. I can do without the severe weather and the whiplash-inducing temperature variations from day to day here in the Midwest. But I am training for my half marathon and running three times a week, thus I am subjected to whatever the weather weather conditions are on any given day.

On my last run, it was 70 degrees with a little light rain. On a warm day, I love running in the rain. This time, it was more of a sneeze than real rain falling down. Still, I prepared ahead of time and have these tips to share for running in the rain.5 tips for running in the rain

  1. Wear a hat or visor. Keeps the rain out of your face and helps to be able to see.
  2. Dress for the rain. Wear moisture-wicking clothes (especially socks) so you don’t end up soaked. Then change into dry clothes as soon as possible after your run.
  3. Bag it. Stick your iPod/iPhone or other devices in a zip-top sandwich bag to protect them from the rain. The touchscreen will still work through the plastic.
  4. Be aware of changing weather conditions. Remove one earbud or turn down your music to be more aware of your surroundings — and especially to listen for any rumbles of thunder.
  5. Dry shoes out after running, Stuff newspaper in the shoes or place them near a fan to allow them to dry.

Do you run in the rain? What are your favorite weather conditions for a run?

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