Girls Back to School Clothes

When my daughter was younger, I loved shopping for back to school clothes. I would spend weeks going to all the local boutique clothing stores searching for the most adorable outfits!

Now that my daughter has hit the teenage years I have very little input in what she wears. Now, granted she wears a uniform to school every day, but I’m apparently too old to understand what’s in fashion these days.

That was another bonus of shopping when she was little – she was as excited as I was to dress up in anything with bows or lace.

One of my favorite boutiques was the Oaks Apparel Company and I was so disappointed when my daughter aged out of their clothing sizes. Previously the girls clothing that they carried only went up to a size 8 – but now they have expanded a large portion of their various collections to go up to a size 14!

girls back to school dress

Living in the south means that we tend to favor clothing that has a classic style – and that is what you will find with Oaks Apparel. However, they don’t just focus on smocked type dresses but truly have the sweetest designs. They’ve recently introduced a collection using Peruvian pima cotton and it just feels amazing.



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