Family Fun at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Need something family-friendly to do? You almost can’t do any better than a festival. Last night my family had an early Father’s Day dinner downtown, then wandered over to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival‘s opening night.

Linda Yohn of WEMU was making the opening announcements when we walked over, and mentioned that there were juggling lessons going on in the KidZone tent. So off we went, where my five-year-old daughter watched in awe at the volunteers (part of the Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Club) who were demonstrating their skills and teaching the kids how to juggle. My daughter and I attempted to try to juggle (it’s not as easy as it looks!), then she played with the rings-and-sticks game.

Next we headed toward the mainstage to listen to Rio and the Rockabilly Revival and sit down for a while. The kids chugged some water and then were ready to go again, and raced each other around the grassy area where other kids had gathered. We let them run out their energy for a while, then started heading back home.

We’re already planning another stop to the festival, which runs through July 8. Next time we’ll pack a picnic and plenty of blankets and bottles of water and make an evening of it.

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