Are You Ready to Test Drive the New Chevy Malibu?

What comes to mind when you think “Mom car”? A station wagon, perhaps, or a big old sedan with room for a whole litter of kids and maybe even a dog or two? Probably cracker crumbs on the floor and fingerprints on the windows (inside and out) as well.

This is the Chevy Malibu. It isn’t really a mom car. I recently got to test drive it as part of a retreat I attended (Chevy was a sponsor) and found that it’s more of a comfortable-for-grown-ups car that has plenty of safety features and cool extras.


Getting in the car, I noticed how roomy the interior felt, both in the front for the driver and passenger and in the back. There’s room enough inside for a comfortable road trip, and the leather seats were comfortable without being too stiff.

Everything from the stereo controls to the cruise control is within easy reach – including my favorite feature, the MyLink panel.


The Chevrolet MyLink panel is a touch-screen display that lets the driver and passenger get directions, check the weather, and even make or answer calls if a smartphone is plugged in. An MP3 player or a flash drive loaded with music can also be plugged and played over the stereo system. And better yet, there’s a secret storage compartment behind the touch-screen where you can stash your sunglasses or wallet out of sight.


The Chevy Malibu has plenty of safety features, including the StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control System to help with directional control in difficult driving conditions. Sensors continually monitor the path being steered and the direction the vehicle is actually turning. If StabiliTrak detects a difference, it applies pressure to the brakes of the appropriate wheel to help pull the vehicle back to the path being steered. The car also comes with six standard air bags.

The Malibu gets an EPA-estimated 34 miles per gallon.


But do all these safety features, roominess and a cool interactive touchscreen panel make it a “Mom car”? Or just a fun car to drive? I think it might be both!

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