5 Best Bites of Western Pennsylvania

Sometimes the best way to acclimate yourself to a new place is by trying its food. I recently traveled to western Pennsylvania (read all about it here on TravelingMom) and came back with more than just memories and vacation photos – but also food ideas I’ve already put to use. (A sandwich with fries and slaw inside? Don’t mind if I do.)

steak faitasIt’s almost embarrassing to admit, but this was my first fajita. Ever. Steak, onions and peppers sizzling in a skillet with a heady mix of spices and wrapped in warm tortillas, and I was sold. I’ve since made chicken fajitas at home several times – and continue to keep this dish in regular rotation.

My husband and I enjoyed a rare night away from the kids at Seven Springs Resort and Spa and indulged in restaurant meals during our stay. Reuben with chips:

reuben sandwich at seven springs

Flatbread pepperoni pizza:

seven springs flatbread pizza

Breakfast included a continental buffet with the freshest fruits I think I’ve ever had in a hotel restaurant. And best of all, we had our own pot of coffee!

seven springs fruit breakfastAnd finally, a trip to western Pennsylvania is not complete without a stop at Primanti Bros. Behold, the pastrami sandwich with fries and cole slaw between the bread:

Primanti Bros pastrami sandwich

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